Piercing has become an art

Piercing has become an art. And most people nowadays gets their piercing done. It is no longer limited to ear piercing on young girls. Any gender can now have their bodies pierced for self expression purposes. Countries like United States have an organization that certifies and regulates professional piercers. Like any other healing wound, the aftercare is very important. For piercing, aftercare needs depend on the area of the body that was pierced.

Different cleaning materials will be recommended, depending on where the piercing is. Since most of piercings are on the ears, tongue, navel, face, nipples and genitals, below are some guides on how to clean your pierce.

  1. It is always advised to use cleaning solutions that are not harsh to the wound. It must be a saline solution without any additional iodine. If you are using a mild soap, a fragrance-free soap is the best choice. Avoid cleaning solutions that can damage cells like alcohols and peroxides. Ointments that can clog your piercing are also not allowed.
  2. Do not over-clean your piercing. At most, clean it with soap twice a day. Do not let the soap stay contact with the wound more than few seconds. Rinse it properly so that no residue will clog and pose bacterial growth.
  3. Do not use any materials that can snag or irritate the piercing. A disposable cleaning product sometimes is good enough to pat dry the piercing.
  4. Avoid rotating the jewelry through the piercing. A thorough cleaning of the piercing does not need to move the jewelry. Rinsing with warm, clean water is often enough.
  5. For piercing on the navel area, pharmacies sell eye patches that have good ventilation. This can protect your piercing from impacts when engaged in sports.
  6. During sleeping, sports bra and a well-fitted shirt can be worn by those who had a nipple piercing. This will protect your nipple from any injury.

It is important that you wash your hands before touching the piercing to prevent infection. Often, cleaning materials have listed time of usage on their packages. Follow the instruction carefully. Not all piercing that appears healed are actually mended. Keep in mind that healing takes place faster in the outside than the inside layers. Do not remove the jewelry in the pierced area to prevent the piercing from closing. If you need to remove the jewelry, have it done by a professional. In case that infection arises, keep a inert jewelry in the piercing to avoid possible abscess in the area. Only professionals must remove the jewelry during healing stage to avoid infection.

Hygiene and proper eating is very important during healing. Avoid using bath tubs during the healing process, use showers instead. A clean beddings and pillows are recommended when sleeping. A T-shirt can be used to cover the pillow when it was the ears that have piercings. If you are going to use new cleaning materials available in the market, check the label carefully.  You can also ask your piercer for advice if the product will be helpful on the healing process.

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