Hydraulic Tattoo Chair

If youve used a normal or non-hydraulic tattoo chair, youve probably gotten by just fine with an immobile chair. But no matter if you want to admit it or not, there is no doubt about it: a hydraulic tattoo chair is superior to any non-hydraulic tattoo chair!

One of the most popular hydraulic chairs on the market is the Encore Hydraulic Tattoo Chair. This is chair made specifically for tattoo artists in other words, its not a general or all purpose chairs, it is a chair made in mind for professional tattoo artists. Lets take a closer look at this chairs features and price.

Type of Chair: Hydraulic Tattoo Chair
Price: $500 US
Tattoo Chair Features:
– Rotates around entirely 360 degrees
– Has a heavy duty metal base as well as a heavy duty hydraulic pump
– Comfortable Thick Foam Cushioning all on parts
– Adjustable parts; includes the headrest, back and legrest
– Arms can be removed if needed (without any need to mess with nuts and bolts!)
The Encore Hydraulic Tattoo Chair is available in black or white
Weight: 375 pounds
Dimensions: Approximately 67 inches in its length and 28 inches in its width

Comments and Reviews:

This is an all around solid tattoo chair. Its completely adjustable, its comfortable, it looks sharp in both black or white but personally I prefer the solid black look over the white version. The hydraulic pump makes it easy to use. You can swivel this chair completely around with no problem and adjust it to be taller or lower so you can easily access to the areas of the body being tattooed.

Another reason to go with a company like Encore is that unlike some other companies which make general and all purpose salon chairs that can be used for tattooing but arent made for it, is that Encore makes tons of tattoo furniture. Encore makes various tattoo client chairs, tattoo artist stools, hydraulic chairs, non hydraulic chairs, as well as flat bed tables, magnifying lamps, trays, trolleys, and more all made with the goal of making furniture specific for giving tattoos: in other words, tattoo furniture!