FC Bayean Munich v FC Villareal

FC Bayean Munich v FC Villareal

Again, the early goals make the difference. We got a lot more defense out of the front 4 in this game and they created 2 goals from it.
Kroos at CAM, there can’t be much question now.
And, with Tymo’s positional awareness, Alaba looked much better with a more clearly defined and limited role at CDM.

Sure Villareal was pretty weak in the back, but we played a thorough game.
Actually, it looked like JH had a few tricks up his sleeve for this one. It seemed like there was quite a bit of overlapping positions with the front 4-5, maybe even 6 (including Tymo). They were making a lot of runs into each other’s positions and holding in them. Villareal had a difficult time tracking them, and then, if they did win the ball, they couldn’t find good passing lanes out as they were being pressured very well, high up the pitch.

I can’t believe Ribery didn’t get a hat trick.
Interesting that the goal against came from exactly the same type of development in the middle of the pitch and right of center, just like BVB’s goal.

Side Note: I guess JH’s conservative tactics away to Napoli look pretty smart now. Man City has payed a very heavy price in their game. I’ll usually find any excuse I can to knock on Italian teams, but I really like that Napoli team. They are so well coached, work so hard for each other, and are just so dangerous in attack with only like 2,3, and 4 players advancing. I hope the next round of CL games sends the EPL into crisis mode.

I would love it if Wenger’s Arsenal was the only one to go through after all the crap he was taking from the media. Besides, I love to play a team like Basel, or Apoel in the round of 16.
PS.www.kalafoundation.org kind of surprised we cup tied Pranjic, but he did fine in his defensive role.